For Low Vision Patients

When there are visual conditions that prevent regular eyeglasses from providing enough magnification for adequate functional vision, a low vision assessment is an option to explore . If you have low vision, higher than normal power eyeglasses and magnifiers and telescopes are utilized to regain the best functional vision possible. The majority of low vision patients have conditions such as macula degeneration , glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy that may require low vision devices, but there are a host of other conditions as well, where improvements can be made. The goal is to restore functional vision and maximize independence.

In the low vision exam an assessment is made of the patients visual needs and their current level of vision. A mathematical, scientific, calculated determination of magnification that will be needed to restore good functional vision is made and devices are tried. They all work differently and the patient is instructed as to the best way to use the devices as well. This is much more successful for most people than randomly trying magnifiers in a store, which may give the patient a false perception that there is nothing available to help them. Significant improvements can be made. Glare is addressed as well as many eye diseases result in significantly increased glare outdoors as well as indoors.

When we work with the Department of the Blind and Visually Impaired, they offer an array of services as well such as assessments of daily living skills and determination of ways to improve function and safety at home, orientation and mobility training, computer training, and occupational rehabilitation as well. The exam fees and the cost of the low vision devices may be covered and reduced when working with the Department of the Blind and Visually impaired, depending on the level of need of the patients.

Note: The low vision exam is in addition to the patients current eyecare and does not substitute for it. The patient does need an initial eye exam or a referral from a referring eyecare provider prior to the low vision exam.

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